How to Stay Safe from the New COVID-19 Variant Omicron?

n95 herbal mask

Are you also worried about the growing risk of Covid cases worldwide and in your country? The situation worldwide is becoming tense as more and more positive covid infected people numbers are coming up every day.

Despite people’s efforts to stay away from getting infected by wearing n95 herbal mask and constant sanitization of hands, the cases of the new covid-19 variant are rising rapidly.

When did the Omicron variant of Covid-19 was discovered?

The existence of the Omicron variant was first reported in South Africa. The new variant of the Covid-19 virus was named Omicron, observed by the scientific naming conventions of the variants.

The spread of Omicron variants is much faster than the delta version. All the previous variants of covid 19 were named alpha, delta, and beta. The omicron variant has been the fastest spreading variant among the others.

For preventing the spread of Omicron among a large population, it is crucial to wear masks, maintain social distance, and consistently sanitize your hands. One of the masks that can help you stay protected is the N95 herbal mask.

What are N95 Herbal masks?

N95 are washable herbal masks made for every person. The N95 herbal mask is suitable for every person working in a corporate job, studying in school or college, or traveling through flight or roadways.

The use of advanced electrostatic media makes the N95 herbal mask light and breathable. They provide five layers of protection against dust and debris particles that can cause infection.

The N95 masks are 95% efficient in filtering non-oil-based dirt particles. They are made with non-woven lightweight material. The material prevents irritation during prolonged wearing.

The masks are washable and reusable. It means after one use you can wash the mask instead of buying multiple masks every day. Another added advantage of having N95 herbal masks is the soft ear loop.

The soft ear loop does not cause irritation or pain in your ears. Thus, you can wear the N95 herbal masks without any pain or hassle.

The full face coverage feature of the N95 herbal masks prevents the entry of dust particles and infection bacteria into your nose or mouth. You don’t have to wear extra accessories for protecting your mouth and nose.

The soft and comfortable N95 herbal masks are eligible for both men and women. All you have to do is wash your mask and wear it without any worry or risk.
The N95 herbal masks are allergen-free. Thus, small children and elderly people can also wear the mask without any trouble.

Best practices for using N95 herbal masks

Wearing masks can help you prevent the entrance of infectious bacteria, dirt, and debris particles. But if you do not use the masks appropriately, you cannot take the most advantage of N95 herbal masks.

Here are some tips that can help you effectively use N95 masks and stay safe:

  1. Before wearing a mask, always wash your hand with a block of soap or sanitize it with an alcohol-based sanitizer.
  2. Wear the N95 herbal mask in such a way that it covers your mouth and nose completely. To prevent catching infection, make sure there are no gaps in between the mask and your face.
  3. The N95 masks are washable and reusable. Wash the N95 herbal mask after every use so that it remains hygienic and clean.
  4. Replace the mask if it becomes damp and cannot be used further.
  5. While replacing or dumping the mask, avoid touching the front area of the mask. This would prevent the transfer of germs from the mask onto your hands.
  6. Do not try to touch your mask while you are wearing it.
  7. If you accidentally touch your mask from the front area while wearing it, ensure to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

What precautions are required for staying safe from Omicron?

To stay safe from getting infected with Omicron is to follow all the safety guidelines and preventive measures given by WHO. Some of them are:

  1. Instead of visiting medical shops now and then, you can buy healthcare products online.
  2. Get your vaccination doses on time. It helps you stay protected from the virus infection.
  3. Maintain social distancing. It helps in the transmission of infection from one person to another.
  4. Avoid going outside the home until necessary. Try doing work from home if your office allows for it.
  5. Always wear a mask like the N95 herbal mask when going outside or working in your office.
  6. Keep sanitizing your hands regularly and if you touch objects in public places.
  7. Use objects like keys, pens to touch common areas like elevators and switches in public places.
  8. Get yourself tested and take appropriate medication if there are any visible symptoms of the infection.


The new variant is spreading rapidly across the country. The governments of respective nations are imposing safety measures and guidelines. Thus, you should adhere to all the safety policies to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Staying indoors, wearing N95 herbal masks, taking vaccinations are some of the safety measures you can adopt to stay safe. If you follow all the safety measures and limit your unnecessary travels, you reduce your chances of getting affected.

Thus, stay indoors and stay safe from the fast-spreading Omicron virus.

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