Ordering Medicines from PharmEarth in 4 Easy Steps

It’s time to save on medicine bills!

Our lives would not have been so easy if not for the internet. The internet is simplifying things so conveniently that our day to day hassles have been reduced to a great extent. Now, no one has to worry about groceries, vegetables, salons, books or literally anything at all. It is all as easy as simply visiting a website or opening an app and placing the order. At PharmEarth we believe in this convenience of technology which is why we have created a very unique online pharmacy for you to avail any medicine in the most convenient way possible, you can now get access to all healthcare products with great discounts, delivered to your doorstep,in the shortest time possible!

We do understand that placing an order online can sometimes be a hassle so we are here to bridge this gap. We have relentlessly worked together to provide a transparent platform to our customers where they can get access to the best healthcare products, medicines, and services.

Scroll below to know how you can easily order medicine online & how PharmEarth conveniently delivers all your medical & health requirements at your doorstep.

Step – 1 Sign Up on PharmEarth Mobile Application

You can easily download the PharmEarth Mobile Application from Google Play Store/ Apple Store. Create an account with PharmEarth using your basic details such as name, email ID, phone number & you are good to go!

Step – 2 Place an Order with your Prescription

This is the step where you upload your prescription given by your doctor. As soon as you upload gets completed, our PharmEarth team will receive it & at the backend our pharmacists will validate your prescription as per the basic checks & criteria.

After the verification of prescription, the request will be sent out to the closest warehouse/stockist to check the availability of the medicines mentioned in it. For the medical supplies, we have collaborated with several renowned stock centers. These centers have highly qualified pharmacists who will confirm the availability of your medicines. In case the prescription contains some special drugs or compositions and the doctor has not mentioned the brand names, our pharmacists will call you regarding the availability of that particular drug or a suitable alternative. In such cases,if need be, you can also consult with your doctor and seek counsel.

Note – The verification process will not take more  than 5-10 minutes to complete. We hereby request our customers to wait till the pharmacists respond.

After this, a quotation of your order will be sent to you via a notification on our PharmEarth app. You can accept or reject the quotation depending on your requirements. After accepting the quotation you can proceed forward with the payment where you can choose any payment method you find the most suitable i.e. via COD or online payment methods.

Step – 3 Order Packaging and Dispatch

Once the order is complete and the PharmEarth team receives the confirmation, we will send the order for further processing.

The pharmacists will now gather all the required medicines from the store. The sale of medicine is regulated by laws, therefore we handle all the processes under the supervision of a trained pharmacist & valid prescriptions provided by registered doctors.

The medicines will be packed and sealed in the unique PharmEarth packaging, and the order will be  dispatched for delivery.

Step – 4 Delivery of Medicines

Once the shipment is done, our delivery partners will try their best to deliver the package to you at the earliest. We offer an easy and 100% free delivery for all orders irrespective of their delivery address. If you have opted for COD then you can easily pay in cash to the delivery agent and get your order.

And that’s about it ! You can now avail our services anytime & from anywhere, our team at PharmEarth will be more than happy to assist you.

For further information regarding PharmEarth’s functioning, scope of work, responsibilities etc. please go through our terms & conditions and privacy policies. For refund or return, you can contact our help-desk or go through our Return Policy.


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