Medicine Delivery at Your Doorstep by Pharmearth

“Think Medicine. Think PharmaEarth”

Finding a pharmacy, driving down to it, waiting for the pharmacist and monitoring refills – this is what tracking our own medications has become nowadays. It’s time you save every precious minute and get medicines delivered right at your doorstep!

We at PharmEarth assure you 24/7 round-the-clock services along with refill reminders. Our online medicine delivery service is a one-stop solution for all your pharmacy needs. With PharmEarth, order and pay for your prescribed drug and get medicines delivered at your doorstep.

PharmEarth has partnered with several leading pharmaceutical stores, to ensure that you get fast access to your prescribed medicines and get them delivered to your doorstep. In addition to the medicines, we have over 10,000 products covering health, fitness, nutrition and few medical devices as well. You can anytime login to our mobile application – PharmEarth, upload your prescription, place your order & on purchase completion, the PharmEarth team will process the online order and get your medicine delivered at your given location (you can also track your order post-shipment).

How PharmEarth’s Doorstep Delivery will Benefit Patients?

Saves Patients’ Time and Money

Our mobile application will eliminate several steps involved in a patient’s journey. It will save your time and cost of traveling to a pharmacy, save you from spending hours in the processing of the prescription. Sometimes it may happen that if the medicine is not available, patients/caretakers either have to repeat the whole journey of finding another pharmacy or wait till the medicines are refilled in stock.

PharmEarth is designed to save the patients/caretakers from this hassle and offer added convenience to the patients while delivering medicine at your doorstep.

Reduced Burden of Repeated Pharmacy Visits with Refill Reminders

Patients suffering from chronic diseases such as Cancer, Arthritis, Asthma, Diabetes, etc. are always burdened to visit pharmacy regularly and are very likely of missing a dose if the medicines are over. PharmEarth mobile app is designed to benefit such patients with refill reminders/notifications and timely delivery of medicines. The Pharmearth application will notify the patient about the recent prescription’s lapse date (by a push notification), and later give them an option to automatically reorder from their previous prescriptions. The users also have the facility of scheduling the arrival of a new dosage just before their medicine runs out.

These timely reminders will ultimately eliminate the tiring task of traveling to a pharmacy regularly to refill prescriptions.

Easy Access to Stigmatized Products

Another decade of the 21st Century is about to get over but still, people hold stigma and have a discriminatory attitude towards diseases like HIV AIDS, mental illness, etc. Research shows that one in every eight people living with HIV is denied any kind of health services and medication due to social stigma attached to it (and also the concern regarding visiting a pharmacy to procure it). At PharmEarth we stand with you in curbing this approach and promise to deliver any essential supplies & medications at your doorstep.

With PharmEarth, females will no longer have to face the awkward looks or wait until the pharmacy gets empty to buy sanitary products, contraceptives & other health supplies. Instead, they can place their orders and get the products delivered straight to their home, thus avoiding the hassle of buying these products from public pharmacies.

Comparative Visibility into the Cost of Medicine

Patients ordering from PharmEarth mobile application will get greater visibility into the medicine and health products cost, which they generally don’t get through the traditional way of traveling to the pharmacy. With the cost, they can easily determine if they have enough money to buy medicines and products online, check the delivery options and then place an order.

The visibility of cost stands out to be a valuable feature for everyone, especially the rural population, as they will get more benefits and discounts and doorstep delivery of healthcare products by utilizing the services of PharmEarth.

Get Access to Top Quality Medicines

Patients visiting PharmEarth will get guaranteed access to top-quality medications and services online. We have tied up with the top Pharma Companies, and our team ensures every compliance regarding medicine storage standards by monitoring the storage conditions.

Our delivery partners ensure the highest transportation standards and guarantee the timely delivery of your medicines at your doorstep.

We are here to make your life easy, you can now rest assured about saving a lot of time and money from buying medicines from online pharmacy – PharmEarth. Get timely delivery of medicine and healthcare products at your doorstep. Download our app and choose from a wide range of healthcare products and complete your purchase hassle-free.

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