“Healthcare at Home” by PharmEarth – The Future of Medicine

Getting medicines refilled isn’t easy, especially for working adults and old-age people. Not only you have to locate and travel down to the pharmacy, but you also wait in long pharmacy queues and hope that the pharmacy has the stock of medicine you need. It can also be hard for senior citizens to accomplish these tasks due to mobility issues and more.
Fortunately, you have PharmEarth online medicine delivery services coming to your city.
No more wasting time at the pharmacies, instead, you can have your prescribed medicines and healthcare products delivered at your doorsteps.
In the current age, we are already ordering food, goods, groceries, vegetables, and even repair services at home. Then why not your prescription medicines? The PharmEarth mobile app is now easily available on the Google Playstore and Apple app store. Download the App (Android & IOS) and get medicines delivered online!
Advantages of Online Medicine Delivery Services
Visiting a local pharmacy every now and then can be a pain, but with PharmEarth- the medicine delivery services, this is going to change entirely.

When you choose PharmEarth for medicine delivery, you’ll be choosing convenience. You will no longer have to change your schedule to visit a pharmacy every now and then. Whenever your dosages are over just click and order medicine from PharmEarth.
We have infinite reasons to tell you why Pharmearth is the best choice, in fact, here we have listed down some of the biggest benefits of online medicine delivery service by PharmEarth
Save Time and Money

Ordering medicine from PharmEarth can be a huge time saver. Instead of changing your schedule to run errands and get the medicines, you’ll just have to order medicines online from your mobile and wait for it to arrive. Also, every time a refill is due, our app will notify you for the same and the prescription delivery service will work on fulfilling your order.

All it takes is a few minutes to place an online order of your medicines!

While ordering from PharmEarth you’ll not have to worry about the high medicine prices. You can place a bulk order of medicines for chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure or cancer and save big time! You can also get great discounts while buying 3 or 4 months of medication and choose a delivery service instead of visiting a local pharmacy store. Plus, our online portal offers great discounts on medicines and healthcare products where you can save a significant amount of money and get the benefit of affordable medical services.

Ease of Ordering of Medicines

No more waiting in the queue , and monitoring refills. In quick steps, place an order for your medicines and we will deliver it right at your doorsteps. To get started with PharmEarth, follow the below steps :

⦁ Create an account on PharmEarth with your basic details
⦁ Add your list of medications.
⦁ Upload a copy of the prescription
⦁ Enter doctors information
⦁ Submit your insurance information (if any)
⦁ Set up your payment method.
⦁ Choose medicines & place your order.

Your prescriptions will be transferred to our pharmacists who will coordinate to gather your medicines, create a package and schedule your first shipment.

No need to worry about the after-sales services, we have pharmacy support available day and night which automatically triggers refill reminders and offers free delivery at your doorsteps.

Easy Prescription Processing and Online Delivery

Our Prescription delivery service is simplest of all, all you have to do is choose the medicines, set up your information and prescriptions and your medicines will be on its way. Even if you don’t have a prescription our support team is there to assist you with your orders.

We have a team of skilled and highly qualified pharmacists who will take care of your medications. They will compare your current medications, check for drug availability and provide medicine as per your prescriptions. Patients can even chat with our pharmacists over the phone or reach our online customer service desk.

No More Waiting In Long Queues

Patients taking medications for chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma may understand the pain of standing in long queues to refill their dosages and may not be able to take their medicines as prescribed due to less or incomplete stock of medicine in the local pharmacy.

New mothers, people living in far off areas, and older patients might often find it hard to stand in long queues and pick-up their medicines in-store. Our doorstep medicine delivery ensures you get your medicine delivered in 48-hours and have your medications when needed.

You can easily save a lot of money & time and still get the best healthcare services online with great accuracy and efficiency. Doorstep delivery of medicine is a great way to control your healthcare costs over a long period.

At PharmEarth we believe in a futuristic approach and a simplified life. We are here to take care of you & ensure that your health needs are taken care of, anytime, anywhere.

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