COVID 19 and Diabetes

COVID 19 and diabetes

The impact of COVID-19 globally has not been constant in all cases. Most of the infected patients didn’t even need hospitalization & have simply got better with basic care at home. However older people & people with co-morbidities were the ones at the highest risk. Amongst the whole lot, as per many studies & observations, people suffering with diabetes have been the highest affected category.

Treating any patient with diabetes is generally difficult due to fluctuating blood glucose levels & oftentimes other complications related to it moreover in a viral attack , viruses tend to thrive in elevated Blood glucose levels. Thus Compared to any other disease based co-morbidity, patients with any kind of diabetes are highly likely to suffer from the COVID-19 onslaught.

If you have diabetes & unfortunately you are getting corona-like symptoms like dry cough, fever, or shortness of breath etc. immediately contact your doctor & keep your most recent blood sugar and ketone readings handy.

Consider it an urgency if you have any of the below symptoms :

● Moderate or large ketones

● DKA symptoms like tiredness, weakness, body aches, vomiting, or belly pain

● Severe shortness of breath

How to Deal with Diabetes & COVID-19 ?

It has been proven that patients with diabetes are more likely to face a fatal impact of the pandemic. If a diabetic patient contracts COVID-19 , they may face diabetes related complications like diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). Diabetic Ketoacidosis happens when high levels of acids called ketones build up in the blood & turn out to be extremely fatal. DKA causes the body to lose electrolytes which makes it difficult to control sepsis & turns out to be fatal.

The government is taking many steps to ensure the safety of patients with co- morbidities including a vigorous vaccination drive. However we should also be equally aware & proactive to curb down the fatalities in this pandemic. Given below are tips & guidelines that will help you sail through these tough times with ease.

COVID-19 Pandemic Guidelines by CDC for diabetic patients :

● Continue taking regular medicines as prescribed by the doctor along with the regular dose of insulin.

● Keep a track & keep testing your blood sugar levels.

● Given the current situation make sure that you have at least 30- day supply of diabetes medications, including insulin

● Speak with a healthcare provider to discuss any concerns about diabetes & COVID-19

COVID 19 Study

In Spite of all the precautions & care, anyone can get infected by COVID-19 & if that is the case with you, do not panic. Continue following the regular prescription along with your diabetic care routine. Few of the the things that you must do are as below :

● Practice all the social distancing & hygiene protocols as prescribed by the government.

● Do not share your food, towels etc with any one till the pandemic calms down.

● Covid-19 Can reduce your appetite & if you eat less or irregularly, it may impact your blood sugar levels, thus it’s even more important to keep checking your blood sugar levels at frequent levels.

Wear a mask all the time & avoid contact with anyone having the mildest symptom of flu or any other illness.

● Monitor your glucose levels regularly. By a constant check even if you happen to contract Covid, you would be in a position to get well soon.

● Stay Hydrated all the time. Even in the case of regular infections, increased glucose levels need to be managed by increased fluid intake.

● Have a healthy & fibrous diet & continue regular exercise to keep your immune system stimulated.

● Stay aware & spread awareness as much as you can.

Take the utmost care of your health in these times & if you are suffering from any form of diabetes & above everything else, & remember Pharmearth is always there to your aid for any of your healthcare needs.

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