Can One Get COVID-19 Even After Vaccination?

Can One Get COVID-19 Even After Vaccination

We often come across news articles that state that people are contracting COVID even after getting all the required doses of the COVID vaccines. Quite recently there was an article that stated that two health officials in Maharashtra contracted COVID-19 even after getting inoculated.  ( Source: LiveMint 11th March )

On one side the government is vehemently pushing the COVID vaccination drive as the cases keep on increasing in various pockets of the country, however, Instances like these definitely make us question whether the COVID Vaccines are safe or not & should one get vaccinated to prevent COVID-19 ?


Let’s Explore the situation :

  • As every individual’s immune system is different the vaccine reacts differently. When it is said that a vaccine is 90% effective it simply means that 10 out of 100 people who have been vaccinated have chances of contracting the disease. However the vaccine would have made the immune system of the receptors so strong that even if they contract the disease. Chances are that they are less likely to be ill or hospitalized and the entire infection would pass off with mild to almost no symptoms ( in asymptomatic people) at all.
  • Any vaccination practically protects you from the disease, it does not shield you against infection. The protection it provides is against the severity of its spread & building your immunity against the pathogen.
  • As per medical professionals the COVID-19 vaccine takes around 42 days for the antibodies to develop after both the doses of the vaccine are administered. So in case you lose your guard ( i.e., not following the protocols, or wearing masks) during this period after getting vaccinated there are high chances of you getting infected.
  • The chances of contracting COVID-19 post vaccination greatly reduces but there are still chances of getting infected if you come into contact with a viral source. Although, you may not fall so severely ill as your immunity against the virus has strengthened.
  • By the definition of it everyone who has been infected by the COVID-19 virus hold the potential to transfer it. But vaccination works in shielding the body against it & fighting it off even if there is more viral transmission.
  • In Spite of mass attempts of vaccinations, new variants are mutating vigorously. Thus, the world is still far from achieving herd immunity & it will be a while before we could move around without masks & skipping that constant need to hand sanitizers.Mask and Covid-19

What to do after getting vaccinated ?

  • One must wear a mask and adhere to all COVID-19 protocols even after taking both the doses of the vaccine.
  • Wait for at least 2 weeks even after getting the second dose of your vaccine, before you start socializing.
  • As per CDC guidelines, vaccinated people can gather together without masks, but large gatherings are still prohibited.
  • After getting vaccinated most people report, mild symptoms of fever, chills, headache etc. Do not panic when this happens. It’s just your body’s coping mechanism fighting off the virus. If you feel that your symptoms are aggravating, consult your doctor immediately.
  • Consume healthy food rich n minerals & nutrients. At this phase your body is in dire need of nutrition that contains vitamin c, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium etc. If needed consult your doctor & get additional supplements. You can find all your health needs at pharmearth.
  • The average waiting time between the first and the second dose varies from company to company who’s vaccine is being used. It can be between 21 days to 28 days, so keep track of it & get vaccinated accordingly.
  • Above all, stay positive & get vaccinated as early as you can so that you can help your community achieve herd immunity & the world can get back to normal at the earliest till then continue wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and follow all the safety protocols that you can.

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